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The Carpet and its beauty
The double-knotted style carpet goes back between the 3rd and 2nd millennium BC, originated in central Asia including Anatolia. The Seljuk introduced the hand woven techniques to Anatolia in the 12th century.
Carpet is mostly made by women expressing their artistic designs and patterns according to their events and emotions in their daily life. However, it is important to note that freedom of expression is the basis of innovation in art.
A woven carpet is produced on a loom similar to woven cloth and is a cut pile. Normally many coloured yarns are used and this process is capable of producing intricate patterns from pre-determined designs. These carpets are normally the most expensive.
A good carpet will increase in value with age and proper care, often its purchase for a life time and when correctly maintained will resist for enerations.
• TURKISH KNOT:  Tied around two adjacent warp threads.
• WARP: Comprising the structure, parallel wrap yarns run the length of the rug and are interlaced with wefts. The weft yarns are more closely than the warps.
• WEFT & WEFT-FACED: The yarns woven horizontally through the warps
• SOUMAK: A flat weave carpet made from a technique that produces a herringbone effect.
• WHIP STITCH: A stitch used to over case and to lock the final weft in rug ends.
• PLAIN WEAVE: The simplest interlacing of warp and weft.
• MEDALLION: The large enclosed portion of design, usually in the centre. Typical shapes are diamonds, octagons and hexagon.
• TAPESTRY WEAVE: Any Variety of weaves where the pattern is created by ground wefts that do not run from end to end.
• CHAIN STITCH: A crochet stitch used in carpet making, that consist of successive loops to lock the final weft in place and knots from unravelling.
• FRINGE: Warps extending from the ends of a carpet which are treated in several ways to prevent the wefts and knots from unravelling.
•PILE: The naps of the carpet or the tufts remaining after the knotted yarns are clipped.
•KILIM: A flat woven tapestry.
•Silk Carpet (silk pile on silk warps and wefts): This is the most intricate type of carpet with very fine weave. Knot count for silk carpets intended for floor coverings should be no greater than 100 knots per square cm, or 10 X 10 cm² and can be as fine as 28 X 28 knots/cm². Any carpet woven with the knot count greater than 10 X 10 knots/cm² should only be used as a wall or pillow tapestry. These very fine, intricately woven carpets are no larger than 3m X 3m and are stunningly beautiful.
For further details about carpets, please do not hesitate to ask us: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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